Baked Salmon, Herbed Quinoa & Beans, Rosemary-Lemon Chicken, Crispy Baked Tofu, Lemony-Ginger Vinaigrette

This week’s batch cooking included:


I started on Saturday by marinating a batch of Rosemary-Lemon Chicken:


And then put a batch of sliced tofu into the freezer to make Crispy Baked Tofu:

Prepping the tofu, to make Crispy Baked Tofu

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On Sunday, I started by baking some wild salmon that I bought at Costco. The pieces were nice and thick. I brushed them with flavored olive oil, sprinkled salt and pepper, and baked them for 10 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit:

Baking wild salmon filets

While those were baking, I sliced some summer squash and a red onion. Then sautéed the squash pieces separately from the red onion, and then combined both the squash and red onion in the pan with some chopped fresh herbs that my co-worker kindly shared with me (thyme, parsley & basil):

Once the salmon was out of the oven, I baked the Rosemary-Lemon Chicken that I had marinated. Once this was cool, I picked the meat from the bone and froze it — prepping for an upcoming weekend when we will be out of town, with no time for batch cooking:

Baked, then broiled, Rosemary-Lemon Chicken

While the chicken baked, I worked on a batch of Lemony-Ginger Vinaigrette to add to our Veggie Snacks for this week:

A batch of Lemony-Ginger Vinaigrette

After a quick rinse from sautéing the summer squash and red onion, I wilted some kale. Love how dark-green the leaves are, and even more so once cooked:


(not pictured) After cooking the kale, I rinsed the pan and then steamed some local broccoli that I bought from G&S Orchards Farm Stand. Then I quickly rinsed the same pan and first sautéed a diced onion with a few cloves of minced garlic, and then browned 1 lb. of ground lamb with 1 lb. of ground beef, from the local farm I like so much McDonald’s Farm:

Sautéed onion with garlic; getting ready to add ground lamb and ground beef

Simultaneously while browning the meat, I boiled the last of the creamer potatoes I bought at Costco. The 5 lb.  bag lasted three weeks!  Once the meat was finished cooking, I added some chopped thyme, parsley & rosemary that my co-worker kindly shared with me:

While browning the meat, boiling creamer potatoes

Once the chicken was out of the oven, I baked the thawed slices of tofu that I had squeezed of their excess water, and created Crispy Baked Tofu for Mr. Batch’s Vegetarian Sandwiches.  While the tofu baked, I worked on a batch of Herbed Quinoa & Beans, which I made by cooking 1 cup of quinoa according to package directions, then mixing the cooked quinoa with 2 cans of drained & rinsed beans, and approximately 1/2 cup of Red Wine Vinaigrette with Fresh Herbs:

Ingredients for Herbed Quinoa & Beans

While the quinoa cooked, I prepped our Veggie Snacks of red cabbage, sliced cucumbers and sliced carrots — all from a local farm stand … all so deliciously fresh!  I will serve this with the Lemony-Ginger Vinaigrette:

Our Fruit Snacks this week are a honeydew melon I bought at Costco and allowed to ripen on the counter for a week, with local blueberries I picked from Green Acres:

Speaking of blueberries, I baked another batch of Blueberry Crumb Bars for Mr. Batch’s group meeting:

A batch of Blueberry Crumb Bars

Time to assemble Mr. Batch’s Vegetarian Sandwiches, made with Crispy Baked Tofu:

Mr. Batch’s Vegetarian Sandwiches, made with Crispy Baked Tofu

Then time to assemble my lunches — this week I will have baked salmon, boiled creamer potatoes and steamed broccoli:

My lunches this week: baked salmon, boiled creamer potatoes and steamed broccoli

Mr. Batch’s dinners this week will be Herbed Quinoa & Beans with wilted kale, sautéed summer squash, and sliced local tomatoes, also from G&S Orchards Farm Stand. Hard to see it, but there are cubes of local feta cheese from First Light Dairy Farm.

Mr. Batch’s dinners: Herbed Quinoa & Beans with wilted kale, sautéed summer squash, and sliced local tomatoes

My dinners will be like Mr. Batch’s, substituting the herbed ground beef-lamb mixture:

My dinners this week: Herbed ground beef & lamb, with wilted kale, sautéed summer squash, and sliced local tomatoes

For fun this week, I made Kevin West’s Tomato Jam from his booking Saving the Season:

I also picked blueberries (can’t get enough of them!!!), and Mr. Batch and I took a fantastic bike ride with friends through apple country and by Lake Ontario. After four years of living here, I still find it thrilling that we live so close to a Great Lake!

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