Black Bean-Brown Rice Veggie Burgers; Guacamole; Burmese-Inspired Soup with Coconut Milk and Fish; Pecan Pie Bars; Roast Turkey for Thanksgiving!

Woo, boy, am I late in posting last week’s post!  Since it was a short work-week due to Thanksgiving, my cooking was light for our pre-holiday meals, which might make you think I’d be early-to-post!  Ooopsie!  Mr. Batch’s Mother has been visiting, so I’ve been hostess-with-the-mostest and haven’t been near the blog!  🙂

Ah well, last week I made batches of:

I started by cooking a batch of black beans in my slow cooker, after soaking them overnight. Once cooked, these would become an ingredient in a batch of Black Bean-Brown Rice Veggie Burgers:


While those cooked, I started a batch of brown rice that would also be used to make Black Bean-Brown Rice Veggie Burgers. As the brown rice cooked, I prepped some Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and some zucchini and a chopped onion to roast:


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Next on the list: I cooked a small batch of  white rice, while zesting some tangerines for a batch of citrus liqueur (recipe forthcoming), all while I baked the week’s “Frittata” that had breakfast sausage and wilted greens:


Following those tasks, I worked on our Veggie Snacks for the week — chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, green onions & herbs, with a splash of apple cider vinegar added each morning before heading to work:

Our Fruit Snacks were the zested tangerines, combined with red grapes and pomegranate seeds:

Once those snacks were finished, it was time to make Black Bean-Brown Rice Veggie Burgers:

While those baked, I marinated some thawed wild-caught haddock filets in a dry spice rub, and made the Burmese-Inspired Soup with Coconut Milk and Fish, a recipe heavily inspired by this Food 52 recipe:

After the Black Bean-Brown Rice Veggie Burgers finished baking, I put in a batch of Pecan Pie Bars for Mr. Batch’s group meetings. I made a second batch of these for our Thanksgiving meal:

As those baked, I whipped-up a quick batch of Guacamole. Then, assembled Mr. Batch’s lunches. He had a Black Bean-Brown Rice Veggie Burger, on top of a bed of roasted zucchini & onion and a little white rice, with a side of Guacamole and half of a Persian salt-brined pickle. Still angling for primarily gluten-free for Mr. Batch:

My lunches were Roasted Sweet Potatoes, wilted baby kale and leftover Pork Chile Verde from the freezer (from my October 25th post).  Gotta love the intentional leftovers!!!


Since Mr. Batch and his Mother are not exclusively a vegetarians and do eat fish and some meat, we all enjoyed the same dinner on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings of last week: Burmese-Inspired Soup with Coconut Milk and Fish, that I served with steamed white fresh spinach and white rice for them, and (not pictured) with roasted sweet potatoes and steamed fresh spinach for me:

And then it was Thanksgiving Day and time to roast a turkey. I used the America’s Test Kitchen Recipe which is Roast Turkey, basted and seasoned with salt pork. Makes my Southern heart sing!

As the tagline says, Make a lot. Freeze some. Now go play!  We had a lovely time with family and friends over Thanksgiving!  Hover over the images below to reveal the captions. We enjoyed Roast Turkey, mashed potatoes, cornbread dressing with toasted pecans, gravy, cucumber-feta-roasted-beet salad with candied pecans, and roasted autumn squash with apples and gorgonzola. Desserts were pumpkin pie, caramel apple tart, Pecan Pie Bars, and fresh whipped cream. We feel deeply grateful this Thanksgiving for our loved ones, both near and far. And I am especially grateful for you readers who are on this blogging journey with me!


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