Bone Broth; Roasted Sweet Potatoes; “Frittata;” Quinoa-Lentil Veggie Burgers; Guacamole; Freezer Clean-Out of Leftover Proteins with Potatoes and Veggies; Baked Wild Haddock with Ginger-Lemon Sauce; Sunshine Cake

This week’s cooking included batches of:

I started by making a batch of Bone Broth, using beef bones from McDonald Farm. Each week, in the freezer in a big Ziploc bag, I save what I call “ends-n-nubs,” as pictured below and to the right — that is, mushroom stems, the ends of carrots and onions, parsley stems, etc. I use the “ends-n-nubs” in batches of Bone Broth or Veggie Broth:

While that simmered away, I started a batch of quinoa for Quinoa-Lentil Veggie Burgers, and also boiled some fingerling potatoes on the stovetop. And then loaded up the oven with Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and roasted zucchini and roasted cauliflower, both of which I tossed only with olive oil, salt & pepper:

As those cooked, I cut some brussels sprouts off the stem and simmered those in the same water I cooked the fingerling potatoes in. And I gathered the ingredients for and started cooking the lentils for Quinoa-Lentil Veggie Burgers:

To read more, press the “Continue Reading” button below and to the right:

Once the brussels sprouts were finished cooking, as pictured in the first photo below on the left, I rinsed my big ol’ wok and then sautéed some onions while the lentils for Quinoa-Lentil Veggie Burgers cooked and the Roasted Sweet Potatoes and other veggies roasted-away in the oven, not needing my attention. I saved a few of the sautéed onions for my “Frittata” (as pictured in the glass bowl that sits on top of the red spoon-rest below in the second photo below) and then used my big ol’ wok to sauté some mushrooms. I removed all of the sautéed mushrooms and set them aside to cool. As pictured in the third photo below, I then used my big ol’ work to brown some breakfast sausage — some of which I saved for my “Frittata” in the same bowl with the sautéed onions, and then I froze the rest for another week. Lastly, as pictured in the fourth photo, in the rendered sausage fat, I wilted a bag of baby kale:

At that point my Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and roasted zucchini and cauliflower were finished and came out of the oven:

I lowered the temperature of the oven and baked this week’s “Frittata,” which included leftover thawed Spaghetti Squash from last week, that I had frozen once I realized I had too much to eat in one week. I also included my cooked breakfast sausage, sautéed onions and wilted baby kale that I had squeezed of excess water and then chopped:

With the lentils and quinoa done and cooled, and as the “Frittata” baked, I assembled the Quinoa-Lentil Veggie Burgers that Mr. Batch would enjoy for lunches this week. They baked at the same temperature as the “Frittata,” so as soon as they were ready, I popped them in the oven:

While those baked, I worked on our Fruit Snacks for this week. I will be eating local organic pears from Lagoner Farms. Mr. Batch prefers juicy fruits, so he’ll have red grapes:

Our Veggie Snacks will be chopped carrots, cucumbers and baby bell peppers, with sliced green onions, chopped parsley and chopped mint. I’ll splash just a bit of apple cider vinegar into each container each morning before we head to work. Aren’t they pretty?  🙂

In an effort to keep Mr. Batch gluten-free, I’ve switched his afternoon snacks from pretzels to thin brown rice cakes he found on-the-line and some new-to-Trader-Joe’s high protein Sacha Inchi Seeds:

Next, a batch of Sunshine Cake that went into the oven after the “Frittata” and Quinoa-Lentil Veggie Burgers were out. Mr. Batch will take one of these loaves in for his Group Meeting, and I’ll freeze the other loaf:

Time to portion items out. Mr. Batch’s breakfasts are a banana each day.

My breakfasts this week are 1/4 of the batch of “Frittata.” Just four portions since I’m intermittent fasting on Wednesdays and Saturdays:


Lunches for Mr. Batch are Quinoa-Lentil Veggie Burgers on top of roasted cauliflower & zucchini, sautéed mushrooms and onions, and sliced fresh tomatoes. I topped the burgers with a piece of ultra-thinly sliced cheese and a dollop of Guacamole:

My lunches will be Freezer Clean-Out of Proteins, such as leftover Roasted Leg of Lamb from the October 18 post, with boiled fingerling potatoes and wilted spinach. And leftover Southeast Asian Meatballs from the October 11 post with boiled fingerling potatoes and wilted Trader Joe’s “Cruciferous Crunch” veggies in Bone Broth:

Mr. Batch is primarily vegetarian, but he eats seafood and occasionally eats meat, too. So I took it easy on myself this week and made the same dinner for both of us.  My friend Leonor left us a bag of frozen wild-caught haddock filets when she moved (sniff sniff). This next part is more of a technique than a recipe — I didn’t measure anything — my apologies!  Each night I whipped up a quick sauce by grating some fresh ginger, slicing the white parts of the green onions that were left over from our Veggie Snack prep and sautéing those in some butter, and then adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice, that I allowed to reduce and concentrate. I poured this over 2 thawed haddock filets, seasoned with salt and pepper and baked for 10 minutes at 350 degrees F. I served this with Roasted Sweet Potatoes and brussels sprouts.

As the motto says, “Make a lot. Freeze some. Now go play!”  Since I last posted on the blog, we had our national elections. After voting, I went up to the country’s oldest Victorian cemetery which is right here in Rochester, NY called Mt. Hope Cemetery — which also happens to be where Susan B. Anthony is buried. On each election day, people pay their respects to Susan B. Anthony by leaving their “I Voted” stickers on her grave, to honor her tireless efforts to win the right for women to vote. How flattering that Reuters took my photo and it was featured in articles such as this one!!!

Mr. Batch and I spent a lot of time over the weekend raking and leaf-blowing.  Those leaves didn’t stand a chance against Mr. Batch with his leaf blower! He also planted many tulips, daffodils and other bulbs that we’ll enjoy next Spring. Meanwhile a little red squirrel had chewed a hole in our garage and was using it to get in to store black walnuts, so we got the hole plugged-up, and I spent a lot of time cleaning the garage and putting the walnuts back into the yard for the squirrels to store elsewhere.

The election has left a lot to think about, so I took a contemplative walk through Mt. Hope Cememtery and loved seeing the dappled sunlight through the leaves.  And we went to our local The Little Theater to see A Man Named Ove, which we highly recommend — bittersweet tale of love & loss and the necessity of community. We stayed in one night and also watched the movie Gaslight, since that term was used so frequently during this year’s election. We recommend it, too!

And to conclude on a humorous note, here I am to save the day with my brussels sprout sword!  🙂


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