How did you choose the name Batch Bitch?

I love the show Sex & the City. One of my favorite episodes was when Carrie was dating Aidan, the hunky furniture designer, and she goes to a furniture show to help him. She tells him, “I’m your Booth Bitch!” I worked as a tradeshow planner at the time, so the phrase stuck.  When I started cooking in big batches each week, I told my husband, “I’m your Batch Bitch!”


What if I get tired of eating / don’t want to eat the same thing for several days in a row?

No problem!  In your weekly batch-cooking, refrigerate just a portion or two, and freeze the rest.  To supplement for that week, make some tuna salad or something very simple … or grab a meal from Chipotle (or your favorite “faster” food restaurant).  After about a month of weekly batch-cookings, you should have a variety of delicious foods in your freezer to choose from.

You must have an enormous kitchen / full-size freezer / extra freezer.

Nope!  If you saw the teeny-tiny kitchen I cook in, with precious little counter space … well, even I am surprised at what I am able to accomplish.  And I have just a regular-sized refrigerator and freezer. I pack it efficiently, and am frequently  juggling things around for the “jenga” of frozen meals.  I’m hoping this will appeal to all you apartment dwellers out there.

I see that you only cook for you and your husband – I have a family of five, so we go through the entire recipe in one meal!

This will likely be a blog that provides delicious recipes for you to make for each meal, versus a way of intentionally cooking for leftovers.  Hopefully, the pre-portioning of fruits and veggie snacks will be time-savers for you.  And the pairings of starches and veggies will still provide inspiration.

I’m allergic to dairy, and my son is gluten-free. How do you cook in large batches for different dietary needs?  

I’m a primarily dairy-free, grain/legume-free carnivore and my husband is primarily a grain/legume-filled vegetarian — so I understand the need to cater to a variety of diets!  I always note in my recipes if there’s a good opportunity to supplement ingredients in favor of allergen-free additions. Keep an eye out for the footnotes at the bottom of each recipe.

Where do you shop for groceries? How do you keep meals like this from getting super expensive?

As you’ll see in my recipes and photos, I am deeply loyal to Trader Joe’s.  I adore their hormone-free / antibiotic-free products; their prepared foods are usually created with ingredients I recognize and can pronounce; and their large selection of organic options is impressive. And all of this at what I consider to be reasonable prices!  For those of you without a Trader Joe’s nearby (sniff sniff), the outside aisles of your local grocery store are where you will find most of the ingredients needed for these recipes. In addition to where I shop is *how* I shop: I tend to use cuts of meat that are the most affordable and will create many meals … in addition to grains and legumes being easy-on-the-wallet.  I’m hoping this appeals to all you grad students, recent grads, and people/families watching your pennies.

I work a couple part-time jobs and I’m also in school. How long do these meals usually take to prepare? Will I need to spend a full weekend prepping?

Absolutely not!  Each week, I spend approximately one hour grocery shopping on Saturday, and approximately 4 hours cooking/portioning/freezing/dishwashing on Sunday.  Don’t have 4 hours at once to spend cooking/prepping? Don’t feel obligated to do it all!  Just try a recipe or two, as you have time. The reason I try to do it all in one session is that I sequence my cooking to be able to re-use pots and pans with only a rinse in-between batches, when possible, to minimize dishwashing. I multi-task to roast and bake several things simultaneously, while pots and pans simmer and sauté on the stovetop. I get a buzz from efficiency and productivity, and hope to help YOU eat more nutritiously and deliciously, AND get you out of the kitchen quickly so you can play and live your life!


I’m throwing a dinner party for 8 people. Do you have suggestions for what I can cook, in advance, so that I can be present and interact with my guests once they arrive?

I thought you’d never ask! Any of the blog entries could be used for dinner parties, since all of my foods can be prepared in advance – and prepared in big batches!  I hope this blog gives you inspiration for food and flavor pairings!

What kind of camera do you use?  Did you have photography training?

I use my iPhone 6s camera (unfiltered), and I usually take just one shot and use that one. One of the points of my blog is to help get out of the kitchen as quickly as possible, so I don’t want to stay-in, staging photographs. I have absolutely no photography training. I try to capture the most authentic images I can. Like my food, my photos are simple and unadorned.

Are you really a bitch?

No, of course not!  However, I do “fight the good fight.” The fastest way to get a rise out of me is to address my sense of justice and fairness.

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