Pork Chile Verde, Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie, Sage-Rosemary Baked Chicken

This week’s cooking included batches of:

I started by marinating some pork shoulder with a spice-mixture, to make Pork Chile Verde:

Simultaneously, I also marinated some chicken legs in fresh herbs and lemon zest to make Sage-Rosemary Baked Chicken Legs:

While both of those hung-out and got more flavorful, I filled my big ol’ wok with boiling salted water and briefly cooked some sugar snap peas that I portioned for our Veggie Snacks this week, and then used that same water to boil some fingerling potatoes. In the oven, I roasted some sweet potatoes:

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Once the potatoes were finished, I rinsed my big ol’ wok and used it to sauté some broccoli-slaw, that I seasoned only with salt and pepper.  I like using broccoli-slaw as a cooked vegetable (versus a cold slaw), for the fiber … and the ease of just opening a bag of pre-cut veggies. While that cooked, I chopped a cucumber from my friend Lynne’s Irondequoit Bay garden, a little bit of red cabbage that I had left from the week before, and portioned some additional Veggie Snacks for Mr. Batch and me, also adding some cherry tomatoes from the Lovely Lisa’s garden:

Next on the list was to finish the Pork Chile Verde, and while that simmered on the stove, I also boiled some eggs on the stove. No “frittata” for me for brekkie this week — instead will be Boiled Eggs. In the oven, I Slow-Roasted some Tomatoes from the Lovely Lisa’s Garden and roasted a pie pumpkin, using the technique from  Oh She Glows:

Once the punkin’ and ‘maters were out of the oven, I added some lemon juice and water to the casserole baking dish and baked the Sage-Rosemary Baked Chicken Legs:

While the Sage-Rosemary Baked Chicken Legs baked, I cut-up and portioned a golden pineapple for our Fruit Snacks this week:

And then created and cooked a Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie for Mr. Batch:

Once the Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie was out of the oven, I baked Smitten Kitchen‘s Pumpkin Bread for Mr. Batch’s Group Meeting this week:

Time to portion everything up!  (not pictured), I created and stored Mr. Batch’s Vegetarian Sandwiches that he’ll eat for his lunches this week.  My lunches will be Pork Chile Verde over roasted sweet potatoes, with spinach that will wilt when I reheat everything in the microwave. I created two portions, and then froze the rest of the Pork Chile Verde:

My dinners this week will be Sage-Rosemary Baked Chicken Legs with sautéed broccoli-slaw and boiled fingerling potatoes. I created two portions with all components, 2 portions with just the veg & starch, and then froze the rest of the chicken, that I pulled off the bones:

My dinners this week will be Sage-Rosemary Baked Chicken Legs with sautéed broccoli-slaw and boiled fingerling potatoes

Mr. Batch’s dinners this week will be Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie, which turned out to be a wonderful way to use-up some leftover lentils I had in the freezer:

Mr. Batch’s dinners this week will be Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

I’ve really gotten into making Mr. Batch’s yogurt — costs just 50 cents per quart versus buying $3.50/quart from Trader Joe’s. I use the recipe/technique from Epicurious:

Homemade yogurt — saves $3 per quart!

As the tagline says, “Make a lot. Freeze some. Now go play!” For play this last week, I got to see my BFF up in Burlington, Ontario and we had a ball drinking bubbles while sitting in bubbles and gabbing until the wee hours; Mr. Batch & I loved seeing old friends at Artisan Works and celebrating their upcoming wedding; friends invited us to tailgate and then attend a Buffalo Bills game with them; and I got to be a stow-away at Mr. Batch’s department retreat which was held overlooking one of the Finger Lakes!  The fall foliage was almost at its peak!  Hover over the images below for the captions:







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