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Wake Forest University Graduation, May 1993
Started New England Culinary Institute 9 days after graduating WFU in  May 1993











I was recently going through boxes of old papers, and came across my essay from my culinary school application … of 24 years ago! How has it been that many years???  Reflecting back to this point seems an appropriate place to start my blog:

As I prepare for my senior year at Wake Forest University, I realize that my future is close at hand. Upon graduation, I will join the Class of 1993 in stepping out into the “real world.”  For me, that real world is the hope to become a culinary expert.

In my undergraduate work, I have pursued a degree in Speech Communications.  My love of people, relationships, and of interactions led me to choose this major.  Throughout my college years, however, I have felt the tug of a stronger love — for the food industry — that has made me anxious to graduate.  I have always wanted to be involved in the food industry, but a liberal arts degree seemed a wise preliminary step, meaning that I had to put my pursuit of culinary training on hold.  Summers and vacation periods provided an opportunity to work in a variety of food industries, confirming my attraction to this field.

And now the time to graduate is at hand.  I have completed my studies of people and communicating.  At last I am ready to attend culinary school!  After a visit to the New England Culinary Institute, I am certain that it provides the training and the faculty-to-student ratio that I seek.

As a future restaurateur, I would like to put people and food together.  Food communicates: it consoles and comforts; it celebrates.  It can be evocative, nourishing, stimulating, and healing.  The interplay of aroma, color, taste, and texture is, therefore, a powerful element in daily life.  My goal in attending the New England Culinary Institute is to become skillful in bringing food and people together in creative ways.

Still appropriate today, as I try my hand at bringing people and food together in this creative (weblog) way!


New England Culinary Institute Graduation, May 1995
New England Culinary Institute Graduation, May 1995

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