Roasted Beets & Delicata Squash, Kalua Pig, Wilted Greens & Slow-Roasted Tomatoes, Baked Salmon

My apologies for the delay in getting this week’s post published — my 9-5 has been keeping me busy past the hours of 9-5!  This week’s cooking included batches of:

I began by roasting some golden and red beets. I scrubbed the beets, snipped-off their greens and saved those for later (below), pierced the skin a few times, and popped them into a 400-degree F oven for about an hour (until a knife inserted easily):


Simultaneously, I roasted some delicata squash. These squash are usually only available briefly because of their delicate skins, which is one reason why I love them — the skins are so delicate (hence, the name) that you can eat them!  I scrubbed the squashes, sliced them in half and removed the seeds, and then brushed them with a bit of olive oil and sprinkled with salt & pepper, and baked them on a sheet pan at 400-degrees F for approximately 35 – 45 minutes (flipping them over, half-way through the roasting):


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Once those were in the oven, I started wilting the beet greens that I had saved from above.  I did this in my favorite big ol’ wok, after washing them thoroughly (lots of gritty dirt hiding within the greens). I cooked them in a bit of fat and some salt & pepper, and covered with the lid.  Done in about 1 minute:

I had the greens from three bunches of beets to wilt, AND my friend Lisa’s garden was overflowing with chard and collards, so I decided to wilt them all in batches, then squeeze them of excess water, and then chop them up. I combined them with the batch of Slow-Roasted Tomatoes (August 25th post) I had on-hand, to help off-set the bitterness.  BAM!  WHAT amazing flavor!!!!  I spread my mass of chopped wilted greens + chopped Slow-Roasted Tomatoes onto a flat pan and then froze it. Once frozen, I broke-up the mass into  chunks, to be easily pulled & thawed to add to my “Frittatas,” to butternut squash soup, to pastas for Mr. Batch, etc.:

Speaking of “Frittatas,”, this isn’t pictured, but I combined a portion of chopped wilted greens + chopped Slow-Roasted Tomatoes and a 1/2 pound of cooked breakfast sausage for this week’s “Frittata” and let me tell you, it is DELICIOUS!  I’ll def be repeating that combination!

After that, I worked on a batch of Nom Nom Paleo’s Kalua Pig.  I LOVE this recipe!  So easy, mouthwateringly delicious, and makes a TON for lefties:

While that cooked, I worked on our Veggie Snacks for this week — sliced fennel, sliced chioggia beets (candy-cane striped beets!) and sliced carrots that I tossed with the tiniest bit of olive oil and minced fresh tarragon from my friend Lisa’s garden:

And then I cut-up a cantaloupe for our Fruit Snacks:



Next, I worked on a separate batch of wilted greens — this is tatsoi (some people call this Asian spinach — see above i the first photo, for the huge head of dark green leaves in the upper right corner).  These leaves are quite astringent, so I caramelized a sweet Vidalia onion and then added some halved yellow & red cherry tomatoes (from my friend Lynne’s garden by the Irondequoit Bay!) and cooked them until they collapsed. Then I added the tatsoi leaves and wilted them. The onion & tomato helped balance the astringent tatsoi:


The other two items that will help balance the astringency of the tatsoi are the other side dishes we will eat with the tatsoi — the roasted beets and roasted delicata squash:

Lastly, I baked some wild coho salmon, which Mr. Batch and I will both enjoy for dinners this week.  No vegetarian fare for him this week. Costco had a great price on an entire side of salmon, so I bought it and cut it into 8 portions. I brushed each portion with a flavored oil, then baked at 400 degreesF for 10 minutes. I kept two portions out for dinner that first night, then froze the rest to pull later in the week. We have a couple of dinners out in the early part of this week:



For lunches this week, I will eat Nom Nom Paleo’s Kalua Pig over salad with “zoodles.”  I show the three components in the photo on the left — the Nom Nom Paleo’s Kalua Pig which I will reheat at lunchtime, a small dish of guacamole, and the cool lettuces, cucumbers from Lisa’s garden, and “zoodles,” all tossed with Vinaigrette. The picture on the right shows it assembled.  YUMMY!

For dinners, we will both eat baked salmon, roasted beets, roasted slices of delicata squash and the wilted tatsoi-tomato-onion mixture:


This week I also “put-up” some foods: I flavored some sugar with lovage leaves from my friend Lisa’s garden; roasted a flat of local cherry tomatoes that I then froze on a flat pan and then broke into small chunks – to be able to pull and add to sauces & other dishes; and then peeled and sliced some local peaches for the freezer, to pull out this winter when I need a reminder of summer:

As the tagline says, Make a lot. Freeze some. Now go play!

This week for play, Mr. Batch bought some plants for his gardens; we met our friends Lynne & Allen at the country’s oldest miniature golf course which happens to be right here in Rochester, NY; and our cousins Miriam, Tara, Elaheh & Gabriel breezed through town for a quick visit!

Mr. Batch and I also celebrated our first wedding anniversary … awwww …. xoxoxoxoxoxo.  We traveled to the nearby Genesee Country Village Museum for their activities and demonstrations about hops:


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