Black Bean-Brown Rice Veggie Burgers; Guacamole; Burmese-Inspired Soup with Coconut Milk and Fish; Pecan Pie Bars; Roast Turkey for Thanksgiving!

Woo, boy, am I late in posting last week’s post!  Since it was a short work-week due to Thanksgiving, my cooking was light for our pre-holiday meals, which might make you think I’d be early-to-post!  Ooopsie!  Mr. Batch’s Mother has been visiting, so I’ve been hostess-with-the-mostest and haven’t been near the blog!  🙂

Ah well, last week I made batches of:

I started by cooking a batch of black beans in my slow cooker, after soaking them overnight. Once cooked, these would become an ingredient in a batch of Black Bean-Brown Rice Veggie Burgers:


While those cooked, I started a batch of brown rice that would also be used to make Black Bean-Brown Rice Veggie Burgers. As the brown rice cooked, I prepped some Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and some zucchini and a chopped onion to roast:


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Asian Pesto to add to Soup, Two Ways; Paleo Korma; Vegan Dhal; Apple Butterscotch Blondies

I absolutely LOVED eating so much delicious food in San Francisco and Portland as I mentioned in my last post … and I absolutely LOVED getting back into the kitchen again this past Sunday!  This week’s cooking included batches of:

(not pictured) I began my cooking session by slicing a block of Trader Joe’s Extra Firm Tofu into thick slabs, and freezing it for a batch of Crispy Baked Tofu.

Next on my list: using my big ol’ wok to cook some vegetables. I started by cooking a batch of broccolini and then rinsed the pan to use again to sauté some sliced baby portobello mushrooms, followed by sautéing some onions. When I was finished sautéing the mushrooms and onions, I added some Asian Pesto (pictured in the upper right corner of the photo with the whole ‘shrooms, below):

I thawed the frozen tofu slices and squeezed excess water from them. I brushed them with sesame oil and sprinkled salt and freshly ground black pepper on both sides, and popped them in the oven to roast, using the method in my recipe for Crispy Baked Tofu:

Frozen-then-thawed tofu slices, squeezing out excess water to make Crispy Baked Tofu

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Pork Chile Verde, Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie, Sage-Rosemary Baked Chicken

This week’s cooking included batches of:

I started by marinating some pork shoulder with a spice-mixture, to make Pork Chile Verde:

Simultaneously, I also marinated some chicken legs in fresh herbs and lemon zest to make Sage-Rosemary Baked Chicken Legs:

While both of those hung-out and got more flavorful, I filled my big ol’ wok with boiling salted water and briefly cooked some sugar snap peas that I portioned for our Veggie Snacks this week, and then used that same water to boil some fingerling potatoes. In the oven, I roasted some sweet potatoes:

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Indonesian Marinade for Broiled Tofu andBaked Chicken; Guacamole; Steamed Baby Bok Choy; Roasted Leg of Lamb; Gingerbread Apple Upside Down Cake

In case you missed the “Reflection” I published this week and you need a good laugh, check out all of the mishaps from our civil ceremony in Mr. Batch and I Get Married.  🙂

This week’s cooking included batches of:

I started by making two batches of Indonesian Marinade — one for marinating and then broiling some tofu for Mr. Batch; and one for marinating and then baking some chicken breasts for myself:

Many of the same ingredients from the marinade go into Guacamole, so while those proteins marinated, I made some Guacamole for Mr. Batch’s Vegetarian Sandwiches and for dipping veggie snacks into:

Next, I roasted a batch of delicata squash slices. These squash are usually only available briefly because of their delicate skins, which is one reason why I love them — the skins are so delicate (hence, the name) that you can eat them!  I scrubbed the squashes, sliced them in half and removed the seeds, and then brushed them with a bit of olive oil and sprinkled with salt & pepper, and baked them on a sheet pan at 400-degrees F for approximately 35 – 45 minutes (flipping them over, half-way through the roasting):

While those roasted, I prepped this week’s “Frittata,” which included a chunk of previously frozen wilted greens + Slow Roasted Tomatoes (from my September 14th post) and 1/3 of a pound of previously cooked and frozen breakfast sausage. This combination is one of my favorites for my weekly  “Frittata.”  Once the delicata squash slices were out of the oven, I lowered the temperature and baked my  “Frittata.”

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Southeast Asian Meatballs; Lentils with Roasted Eggplant, Pine Nuts & a Lemon-Tahini Sauce; Comforting Chicken Soup; Apple Pecan Cake

It’s officially Fall here in Western New York, which means time for roasted hard squashes; simmering soups; apples, nuts and pomegranates; and zesty warming foods with spices and ginger.  To that effect, this week’s cooking included batches of:

I started by using some of my freshly picked Hurd Orchards apples (pix below) to bake an ApplePecan Cake for Mr. Batch’s group meeting:

While that baked, I worked on a Poached Chicken, using most of the bag from the freezer of veggie ends-n-nubs I collect each week when cooking (ends-n-nubs of carrots, onion, celery, fennel, tomato, ginger, and parsley and thyme stems) and a chicken that I had bought locally from McDonald Farm:

(not pictured) Once the Poached Chicken was finished, I removed the chicken from the broth and let it cool in the refrigerator; and then strained the broth and discarded the vegetables.  Once the chicken was cool enough to handle, I removed the meat and saved the bones in the freezer for a future batch of Bone Broth. I stored 2 portions of the picked chicken in the refrigerator, and stored the rest of the portions of chicken in the freezer. I used most of the broth for the Comforting Chicken Soup (below), and froze the rest.

Then I prepped the next round of items that would go into the oven once the cake was out: this week’s “Frittata” with 1/3 of a pound of cooked breakfast sausage, leftover roasted butternut squash from the freezer, and some of the farm stand broccoli that I had blanched (cooked just briefly & then cooled) and then frozen earlier this Summer:

And prepped an acorn squash from my friend Hiram’s garden, to be roasted simultaneously while baking the “Frittata”:

Acorn squash from my friend Hiram’s garden, to be roasted

And prepped a batch of Southeast Asian Meatballs, to be baked at the same time as the items above. I used ground lamb and ground beef that I bought from the fabulous McDonald Farm:

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Thai Coconut-Lime Dressing over Rice Salad Two Ways; Crispy Baked Tofu; Scotch Eggs; Baked Chicken Thighs; Bleu Cheese Shortbread with Rosemary

This week’s cooking included batches of:

If you make nothing else from this post, make the Thai Coconut-Lime Dressing and put it on something!  As the original recipe claims, it is so good you could drink it straight!!!

I started by prepping a batch of Crispy Baked Tofu.  First step — freezing the slices of tofu:

Prepping a batch of Crispy Baked Tofu

While those froze, I loaded-up the oven with some Baked Chicken Thighs and a butternut squash to roast:

And then I worked on blanching (very briefly cooking and then cooling) some sugar snap peas, and using the same salted water to cook some Italian flat beans from my friend Lisa’s garden, and then — still using the same salted water! — some broccoli (photo on left). I finished with that same at that point now-uber-salty water by cooking some edamame (perfect, since uber-salty water is needed to penetrate that thick pod to flavor the beans inside!) while I cooked some Boiled Eggs (photo on right):

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Autumnal Salad with Wild Rice, Brown Rice & Quinoa; Greek Salad with Lamb & Veggies; Oven-Roasted Eggplant; Roasted Chicken over Vegetables; Vinaigrette with Fresh Herbs

This week’s cooking included batches of:

I started with salting eggplants and then roasting them, following the directions here for Oven-Roasted Eggplant:

While those roasted, I worked on a batch of plum compote and cooked some green beans. For the plum compote, I pitted and quartered 2 quarts of prune plums, and simmered them in 1 cup of orange juice and 1/2 cup of sugar, until they were translucent (approximately 20-30 minutes).

Prune plums simmering in orange juice on the left; green beans simmering on the right

(not pictured, I boiled some potatoes, and cooked the wild rice, brown rice & quinoa for the recipe for the Autumnal Salad recipe that is below)

Once the eggplant was out of the oven, I put in this week’s “Frittata” — made with breakfast sausage and spinach:

“Frittata” of breakfast sausage and spinach, ready to be baked

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Black Bean “Gazpacho” Salad; Greek Salad with Roasted Pork Tenderloin; Tomato & Garlic Cauliflower Rice with Lemon; Almond Nectarine Upside Down Cake; NY State Fair

This week’s cooking included batches of:

I started this week’s cooking session by roasting a pork tenderloin with Penzys Greek Seasoning. The pork was from Aberdeen Hill Farm — no one has better tasting pork than Aberdeen Hill!  I used the same technique as described in this Roasted Pork Tenderloin recipe: roast in a 400-degree Fahrenheit oven for 10 minutes; rotate the pan 180-degrees (in case there are hot spots in the oven) and roast for another 10 minutes; then remove from oven and insulate in foil and pile kitchen towels on top of the foil-wrapped tenderloin for 10 minutes; then cool and slice. Once sliced, I kept 2 portions refrigerated, and then froze the rest.

While that roasted, I also baked one potato (not pictured). Once that was done baking and had cooled a bit, I sliced it into chunks and added it to my “Frittata” which I made with the other half of the spinach-mushroom-and-onion mix from the week before, which I had frozen and then thawed (also not pictured).  While I worked on all of that, I simultaneously wilted some chard from Lisa’s garden on the stove-top:

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Mixed Grain Loaf; “Zoodles”; Shakespeare Festival

This weekend we joined Mr. Batch’s mother in Stratford, Ontario for the annual Shakespeare Festival (some pictures below), so my food prep is minimal and we are relying on lefties from the freezer. This week’s cooking included:

Before leaving town, Mr. Batch and I had time for a trip to the Rochester Public Market, where we bought locally grown, organic carrots, sweet peppers, potatoes, corn, onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

When we got back into town, I started by making this week’s “Frittata” (not pictured) which included the other half of the pound of breakfast sausage I cooked last week and froze, along with 1/2 of a bag of thawed, frozen spinach that had the excess water squeezed from it.  While that baked, I worked on a Mixed Grain Loaf for Mr. Batch’s dinners:

Ingredients for Mixed Grain Loaf

With the “Frittata” and the Mixed Grain Loaf  baking simultaneously in the oven, I boiled some potatoes (not pictured), and then cooked 4 ears of corn. I cut the kernels off the cobs, and then combined them with chopped carrots, sweet peppers, red onions, cucumbers and some de-seeded tomatoes. Each day for our Veggie Snack, I will pour a splash of the brine from our friend Dave’s homemade dilly beans over this mixture.

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Slow-Roasted Tomatoes, Oven-Roasted Eggplant, Roasted Chicken, Fruit Crisp Topping

Apologies for the delay in this week’s post!  Hope you enjoyed my recent Reflection titled It Always Came Back to the Plate! about careers, changes, and the friends/family who encourage along the way!

This week’s cooking included:

I began on Saturday evening, with roasting a fresh chicken (never frozen) for our dinner, that I bought from one of my favorite local farms, McDonald Farm. What a difference the fresh/never frozen makes!!! Toward the end of its roasting time, I added several ears of corn to the oven to roast, still in their husks.  Oven roasted corn, still in the husk, is one of my favorite kitchen smells. While the chicken and corn cooled a bit, I used some of the juices and veggies from the Roasted Chicken, to help wilt some collard greens from my friend Lisa’s garden.  At the very bottom of this post, you can check of a gleeful-but-rain-soaked moi who harvested chard, collard greens and basil of paleolithic proportions from Lisa’s garden!  🙂

Roasted Chicken Over Vegetables; oven roasted corn, still in the husks; collard greens to be wilted

Once the chicken was out of the oven, I put in a batch of Slow-Roasted Tomatoes, to slowly do their magic over the rest of the evening. These are incredibly easy, and super delicious!  Make these now!

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