Roasted Chicken Over Vegetables, Leonor’s Pasta Salad, Pink Lemonade Bars, Tuna Salad


This week’s big batches included:

Wilting Trader Joe’s “Cruciferous Crunch Mix” while prepping veggies for Roasted Chicken Over Vegetables

I started my session of batch cooking by cooking some locally grown broccoli in my big wok. After a quick rinse, I used the same pan to cook a pound of breakfast sausage (my favorite commercially available brand is Bob Evans — no sugar added and all ingredients I recognize), and then leaving some of the fat in my big wok to flavor a bag of Trader Joe’s “Cruciferous Crunch Mix” while it wilted.

While that wilted, I prepped the vegetables that would be used for Roasted Chicken Over Vegetables.


Next, I worked on everything else needed for Roasted Chicken Over Vegetables: the Compound Butter and then prepping the bird. This free-range chicken had to forage for its food on the pesticide- and chemical-free pastures of local McDonald Farm. I’m very grateful to have access to their meats!

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