Black Bean-Brown Rice Veggie Burgers; Guacamole; Burmese-Inspired Soup with Coconut Milk and Fish; Pecan Pie Bars; Roast Turkey for Thanksgiving!

Woo, boy, am I late in posting last week’s post!  Since it was a short work-week due to Thanksgiving, my cooking was light for our pre-holiday meals, which might make you think I’d be early-to-post!  Ooopsie!  Mr. Batch’s Mother has been visiting, so I’ve been hostess-with-the-mostest and haven’t been near the blog!  🙂

Ah well, last week I made batches of:

I started by cooking a batch of black beans in my slow cooker, after soaking them overnight. Once cooked, these would become an ingredient in a batch of Black Bean-Brown Rice Veggie Burgers:


While those cooked, I started a batch of brown rice that would also be used to make Black Bean-Brown Rice Veggie Burgers. As the brown rice cooked, I prepped some Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and some zucchini and a chopped onion to roast:


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Bone Broth; Roasted Sweet Potatoes; “Frittata;” Quinoa-Lentil Veggie Burgers; Guacamole; Freezer Clean-Out of Leftover Proteins with Potatoes and Veggies; Baked Wild Haddock with Ginger-Lemon Sauce; Sunshine Cake

This week’s cooking included batches of:

I started by making a batch of Bone Broth, using beef bones from McDonald Farm. Each week, in the freezer in a big Ziploc bag, I save what I call “ends-n-nubs,” as pictured below and to the right — that is, mushroom stems, the ends of carrots and onions, parsley stems, etc. I use the “ends-n-nubs” in batches of Bone Broth or Veggie Broth:

While that simmered away, I started a batch of quinoa for Quinoa-Lentil Veggie Burgers, and also boiled some fingerling potatoes on the stovetop. And then loaded up the oven with Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and roasted zucchini and roasted cauliflower, both of which I tossed only with olive oil, salt & pepper:

As those cooked, I cut some brussels sprouts off the stem and simmered those in the same water I cooked the fingerling potatoes in. And I gathered the ingredients for and started cooking the lentils for Quinoa-Lentil Veggie Burgers:

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Roasted Beets & Delicata Squash, Kalua Pig, Wilted Greens & Slow-Roasted Tomatoes, Baked Salmon

My apologies for the delay in getting this week’s post published — my 9-5 has been keeping me busy past the hours of 9-5!  This week’s cooking included batches of:

I began by roasting some golden and red beets. I scrubbed the beets, snipped-off their greens and saved those for later (below), pierced the skin a few times, and popped them into a 400-degree F oven for about an hour (until a knife inserted easily):


Simultaneously, I roasted some delicata squash. These squash are usually only available briefly because of their delicate skins, which is one reason why I love them — the skins are so delicate (hence, the name) that you can eat them!  I scrubbed the squashes, sliced them in half and removed the seeds, and then brushed them with a bit of olive oil and sprinkled with salt & pepper, and baked them on a sheet pan at 400-degrees F for approximately 35 – 45 minutes (flipping them over, half-way through the roasting):


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Baked Salmon, Herbed Quinoa & Beans, Rosemary-Lemon Chicken, Crispy Baked Tofu, Lemony-Ginger Vinaigrette

This week’s batch cooking included:


I started on Saturday by marinating a batch of Rosemary-Lemon Chicken:


And then put a batch of sliced tofu into the freezer to make Crispy Baked Tofu:

Prepping the tofu, to make Crispy Baked Tofu

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Mahi Mahi with Parsley Pesto; Red Wine Vinaigrette with Fresh Herbs; Lemony Thumbprint Cookies with Blackberry Jam

Mr. Batch and I have an unusually busy week coming up with socializing over dinners, so I only needed food for 3 dinners for us and decided to make them pescatarian, a style of eating which we both embrace. This week’s cooking included batches of:

I started this week’s cooking by wilting 2 bags of Trader Joe’s “Power to the Greens,” a mixture of kale, chard & spinach:

I did this by putting both bags into my big wok along with about 1/2 teaspoon of salt and several grinds of fresh cracked pepper and 1/4 cup water. I put the lid on; turned the heat to high, stirred the contents after about 1 minute, to bring the leaves on the bottom to the top and distribute the moisture and salt & pepper; put the lid back on and cooked for about 1 minute more. Once cool, I squeezed the excess water from the greens.

Simultaneously, I baked this week’s “Frittata,” which was made with leftover, previously frozen, chopped chicken from my recent batch of Roasted Chicken Over Vegetables and some frozen chopped spinach that I had thawed and squeezed of the excess water. I will eat this over the cooked broccolini (below).

After a quick rinse of my big wok, I filled it with salted water and first cooked a bag of haricot vert (very thin French green beans). While those cooked, I prepped some broccolini to be cooked in the same water once the green beans were finished:


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Roasted Chicken Over Vegetables, Leonor’s Pasta Salad, Pink Lemonade Bars, Tuna Salad


This week’s big batches included:

Wilting Trader Joe’s “Cruciferous Crunch Mix” while prepping veggies for Roasted Chicken Over Vegetables

I started my session of batch cooking by cooking some locally grown broccoli in my big wok. After a quick rinse, I used the same pan to cook a pound of breakfast sausage (my favorite commercially available brand is Bob Evans — no sugar added and all ingredients I recognize), and then leaving some of the fat in my big wok to flavor a bag of Trader Joe’s “Cruciferous Crunch Mix” while it wilted.

While that wilted, I prepped the vegetables that would be used for Roasted Chicken Over Vegetables.


Next, I worked on everything else needed for Roasted Chicken Over Vegetables: the Compound Butter and then prepping the bird. This free-range chicken had to forage for its food on the pesticide- and chemical-free pastures of local McDonald Farm. I’m very grateful to have access to their meats!

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