Vegetarian “Quesadiendas” and Tomato Soup for Mr. Batch while I vacationed in San Francisco and Portland, OR!

Apologies for the delay!  Since I last posted, I have been lucky enough to have a vacation in San Francisco and Portland, OR — fantastic cities where I used to live. In the “Now go play!” section below, I’ll post images of tasty food & beverages and good times catching up with friends in both cities.

Prior to leaving, I prepped some of Mr. Batch’s favorites, that would also be easy for him to defrost and reheat for himself while I traveled. This week’s cooking included:

Mr. Batch named my quesadillas “Quesa-diendas.” Quesadillas by Brenda = Quesa-diendas. 🙂  I started by making a batch of Spinach Dip:

While the Spinach Dip baked in the oven, I worked on a batch of Tomato Soup on the stovetop:

Ingredients for Tomato Soup

Once that was simmering, I pureed some white beans with olive oil and minced garlic, to add to the Quesa-diendas:

White beans, pureed with olive oil and minced garlic, to add to the Quesa-diendas

To read more, press the “Continue Reading” button below and to the right:

Time to assemble the Quesa-diendas — I used Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Tortillas since they crisp so nicely. I spread one tortilla with some Spinach Dip, and the other with the white-bean-garlic puree, and then sandwiched the two tortillas together and browned them in a bit of butter. I froze all of these in portion-sizes of 2 pieces, separated by the parchment paper circles from the Brown Rice Tortilla packages. These defrost well in the microwave and then re-crisp nicely in the oven or a toaster oven:

Next on the list: puree the Tomato Soup. Once it had cooled, I froze it in ice-cube trays, to allow easier dividing into individual portions and ease in thawing while I was away:

Mr. Batch’s Veggie Snacks will be green beans and his Fruit Snacks will be red grapes:

And, of course, his Vegetarian Sandwiches for his lunches:

Vegetarian Sandwiches for Mr. Batch’s lunches

A perfect example of a week’s worth of cooking according to my motto: “Make a lot. Freeze some. Now go play!”

For play, I spent several days in San Francisco and Portland, OR!  Hover over the images below to reveal the captions of how I ate and played with friends:

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  1. Hey, Brenda, looks like a fabulous trip down memory lane. Great photos with good food and wonderfully, sweet friends. The building blocks of a good life.

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks SO much for your comment! I’m so pleased you have subscribed to my blog and that we’re connected this way! It was a wonderful trip, filled with amazing food and catching-up with fantastic friends! Look forward to being able to do a Chicago post of the same with you & Larry! xoxoxoxo

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